About Us

The Auburnmist Training Centre is small canine facility that offers many different programs and classes, providing unique experiences for dogs and their human companions. The facility is located on five acres, 15 minutes south of Calgary.


The Auburnmist Training Centre was opened in 1995, by husband and wife, Keith and Wendy Petkau. When the Petkau’s began their journey of opening the Auburnmist Training Centre, they envisioned the ultimate training facility with keeping the most important client in mine; the dog. The business has flourished over the years, gaining the reputation of being one of the best places to take your dog.


About Wendy and Keith

Both Keith and Wendy share a unique gift when working with dogs. They have the ability to see the best in any canine companion, even those that many may deem not trainable.


Keith and Wendy met in 1987 and soon learned that they each shared the same passion for dogs. When they met, Wendy had been breeding and showing Golden Retrievers for over a decade, and Keith had been competing with his Golden Retrievers in the obedience ring for several years. Keith’s passion for the obedience ring inspired Wendy to breed a well rounded, working Golden Retriever. 


In 1988, the Petkau’s began a new journey with Spruce Meadows. They started an agility entertainment team known as the Spruce Meadows Prairie Dogs. The Prairie Dogs is made up of numerous volunteers who all share the same passion for dogs. The Prairie Dogs are a part of every Spruce Meadows tournaments, providing several entertaining shows for the public to enjoy.



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